Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Kids Off The Couch - Vote Election Day 2010

We attended The Women's Conference last week, which fired us up about getting to the polls tomorrow. Why? The conference theme -- "It's time... to be an Architect of Change" -- reminded us that each of our voices is critical. Witnessing a conversation between former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor andSupreme Court Justice Ruth Ginsberg was particularly thrilling. Neither justice, each of whom was at the top of her class at Stanford and Harvard Law Schools respectively, could get a job in a law firm when they first started their careers.Four women have now been appointed to the Supreme Court. Change can indeed happen in a life time. We hope that you'll exercise your civic responsibility by voting tomorrow. It only takes a moment and we promise that you will feel virtuous afterward. Your voice does matter.

How to Teach Kids a Family Civic Lesson: We are big on bringing kids with us to vote. They will enjoy punching out the chads and can wear your "I Voted" sticker all day long. Best of all, they'll get the message that democracy is active. Studies show that political beliefs are developed at home but since no kid wants to be lectured about politics, here are some media choices that will open up the subject for discussion.

Toddlers and Pre-School: We loved listening to School House Rock: Election Edition, singing along with songs about how a bill passes through Congress and learning a catchy rhyme about the Constitution.

Elementary school: There's nothing better for rousing politicos than
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.Our Popcorn Adventure centered around this classic Jimmy Stewart title about a fresh-faced Senator in Washington D.C. includes tips on voting with kids.

All the President's Men is about the power of the press. Our Popcorn Adventure is about touring the Los Angeles Times' printing and editorial facilities. Turns out, teens think it's pretty cool to watch Dustin Hoffman andRobert Redford in their edgy prime.

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