Thursday, January 15, 2009

Bringing the Inauguration Home!

Inauguration 2009 + National Day Of Service
As President-elect Obama takes the oath of office next Tuesday during the 2009 Inauguration, parents of every political affiliation have an opportunity to talk with their children about democracy and civics. This election marks a turning point in American history for lots of important reasons, including how the youth in this country turned out to vote in record numbers. We're seizing the chance to get the next generation of voters -- our kids -- interested in the democracy they will inherit. We've created conversation starters for kids of every age: from discussing civics issues with older kids (the language of the Oath of Office, the peaceful transition from the past administration) to talking about First Family issues with younger children (will Malia have a Facebook profile, can Sasha go on sleepovers?). To watch history in the making, we will tune in on Sunday night for HBO's We are One concert on the Mall (on a free feed), watch our new President take the Oath of Office on Tuesday and watch Nickelodeon's kid-friendly coverage later in the evening. Finally, to really give our kids a hands-on lesson in how one person can make a difference, we are joining in Michelle and Barack Obama's challenge to celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King's dream of social justice by participating in a National Day of Service. To make it easy, we link you to a website that lists service activities in every zip code, like donating blankets or volunteering at a food pantry. Join us!

Click here for a link to find volunteer activities in your area, information about media coverage of Tuesday's Inauguration and the We Are One concert, and a list of questions to help turn the Inauguration into a homespun civicis lesson at the dinner table.