Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Drumline + Homecoming Weekend Football Game = Kids Off The Couch

It's easy to think of high school as being all about the Varsity athletes, but after watching Drumline, starring Nick Cannon as a hot shot band All Star, we couldn't help but wonder if maybe we should have handed our kids a tuba instead of a football or a tennis racket. Drumline offers an all-access pass into the cut-throat world of collegiate marching bands and challenges any notion of "band-geek" that might linger from your catty high school days. Cannon charms as Devon, a newbie recruit whose rebellious style doesn't mesh with the band's rigid routine, and who struggles to overcome his show-stealing tendencies in order to make it as a respected team player. With Homecoming on everyone's calendars this month, a live marching band is a good excuse to take the kids out under the Friday Night Lights. Everyone will have as much fun tuning into the antics on the sidelines as they will following the action on the gridiron. Turns out, there is as much teamwork involved with playing a rousing Sousa march as there is when the team tries to convert on third down.

Click here to find a listing of marching bands around the country, as well as a link to the Post Office's new Marching Band stamp.