Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hot Ideas for a Cool Planet: Wall-E + Green Ideas from Cool Globes = Kids Off The Couch

Happy Birthday, Mother Earth! We like to think of Earth Day as an annual check-up, taking stock of our family's habits and discovering new ways to be green. A fascinating public art project is visiting Los Angeles, where we live, and we're so impressed with its message that we wanted to share it with you. The 60 larger-than-life Cool Globes are created by artists and offer a colorful message about how citizens can change the world. Started by a mother who wanted to spread the message about global warming, the Cool Globes project outlines ideas from riding bikes to recycling to using sustainable building products, to reinvigorate our green agenda. Your family can go online to see each beautiful globe and read up on the conservation concepts behind each piece of art. To think about Earth's future, we cued up this year's Oscar-winner for Best Animated Feature; Pixar's Wall-E tells the story of a dilapidated trash-compacting robot left behind on Earth after humans were forced to escape into space from a planet destroyed by pollution and garbage. Inspired by Wall-E's heroic journey to save Earth, our kids are visiting the Cool Globes website for new ideas on how they can help reverse global warming. Click here for KOTC's ideas for getting greener, and to visit the Cool Globes website