Wednesday, November 19, 2008

"Holes" + Digging for Ancient Artifacts = Kids Off The Couch

Many kids feel a burning curiosity about the days before they were born, which is why it's magical when an old object (discovered perhaps, in grandmother's closet) summons up a different world. Our kids learned how the pros look for treasures when they participated in a Family Dig at a local museum, an inventive program where families learn about ancient cultures by excavating pottery shards from an archaeological pit. To get them ready to dig, we screened Holes (starring Shia LaBoeuf in his first film role), an adaptation of the wildly popular novel by Louis Sacher. Our kids eagerly followed the story about the young inmates of Camp Green Lake, a detention home, who are forced to dig holes in the desert all day. When the kids unearth long-buried secrets, they go on the run to keep what they've found from the evil prison warden (played to perfection by Sigourney Weaver). This is one of the smartest kid movies we know because it reveals how past generations walk along with us, a perfect conversation starter for discussing why we insist on stuffing our garages with Great Grandma's lace aprons and Great Granddad's musty books. Click here for our recommendations about whether your kids can handle this PG-rated movie, more about the popular Sacher book, and how to find some Dig experiences in your city.