Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Bringing History To Life: Movies That Teach + Family Movie Night

With kids back in school, it is often hard to carve out family time. Since there's nothing as cozy after a long week of classes as a Family Movie Night, we have created a list of great films that will complement your kids' history courses. Take a moment to choose movies that help kids connect to their school curriculum. With these kid-tested and approved films, there's no need to tell your children that these movies are educational. We promise -- once you pop in Kit Kittridge: An American Girl or Seabiscuit when your child is studying Depression-era America, meaty conversations will ensue and your kids will naturally connect to what they have learned at school. (Click here to get started on your own cache of films for fall and to tell us about movies you have used to connect your kids to their school subjects.)

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