Thursday, October 21, 2010

Snow White + An Apple Adventure in Oak Glen = Kids Off The Couch

When we watch Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, our kids caution "Don't eat the apple" but alas, Snow White bites it every time. In 1938, Walt Disney gambled that families would sit in the theaters and watch a 90-minute animated film, and the film's success changed family movie going. The fairy tale storyline was familiar, but the chipper music and quirky dwarfs defined a genre that has become a part of our lives. Lately, the fruit that is most alluring at the grocery store are the shiny red globes -- the juicy tartness of varietals like Honey Crisp make us want to rush home and make pie. So when a KOTC subscriber recently mentioned that our chapter on Riley's Apple Farm was her favorite ever, we decided to update our Popcorn Adventure so you can take a trip out to the mountains for an apple adventure before the season ends. From picking fruit from the cobbled old trees at Riley's to pressing your own cider at Willowbrook Apple Farm to gobbling up mini apple cinnamon donuts and tasting different types of cider at Snow-Line Orchard, you're in for some splendid fall flavors. But, you'll need a few cute dwarfs to help cart all the bushels of fruit home! (Click here and plan a visit soon - the picking season doesn't last much past the first week of November!)

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