Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Angels in the Outfield + Baseball and Foster Youth = Kids Off The Couch

Angels in the Outfield is not your typical baseball movie; though it delivers on great sports scenes, it hits the ball out of the park with a socially conscious message about kids who wind up in the foster care system. When a young boy's father abandons him, he tells his son that the chances of his return are "about as good as the Angels winning the pennant." The boy takes his deadbeat Dad's message literally and prays for the team to win, always optimistic that "it could happen."

Before heading out for a day at a ballgame, we contacted a local organization dedicated to caring for foster youth. We got our kids to pitch in a few dollars from their allowances -- and matched their funds -- so that foster kids can root alongside us this season at a major league game. Click here to learn more about a foster care organization near you.

Kids Off The Couch - Illustrations by Laura Cornell on YouTube