Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Rent National Treasure + Go On A Scavenger Hunt = Kids Off The Couch

Treasure The Good Times
If you were too busy grilling hot dogs to talk with your family about why we celebrate the Fourth of July, why not let Nicholas Cage do the explaining? Our kids adore National Treasure, and we were happy to discover that the film offers a pop-culture tour of the icons of our nation's birth -- from the Liberty Bell to Independence Hall. Cage, whose name is Benjamin Franklin Gates in the film, plays a descendant of Freemasons who hid a fabled treasure in America during this country's formation; in order to find it, Gates must unravel clues about early American history, including a key map to the treasure trove which is located on the Declaration of Independence itself. We'd tell you whether or not he decodes that well-guarded map and finds the treasure, but that information is classified! Our kids are always ready for riddles, and love going on a Scavenger Hunt. When they were little we did simple hunts, and increased the games' complexity as they grew older: Treasure Hunts around the neighborhood when they were in Elementary School, and Amazing Race competitions in malls and parks for pre-teens and teens. If you can master the creative planning, you'll never again be puzzled about a birthday party or day of downtime!

Click here to visit the Kids Off The Couch Website for more on visiting a full sized replica of Independence Hall at Knott's Berry Farm, for a professional scavenger hunt outfit which is fun for adults and to learn more about the sequel, National Treasure: Book of Secrets, which is just out on DVD