Thursday, January 21, 2010

Kids Off The Couch - Helping Kids Help Haiti!

It's not easy for children to understand the devastation that has been visited upon the people of Haiti. Most of us are wondering how much to share with our kids, or how to react to whatever news they are getting at school and from the media. Here is a helpful article to help you decide how to discuss the Haitian crisis with your family. In general, it's best to be honest about how you are feeling, keep the explanations simple and focus on the positive stories of how people all over the world are raising money to help.

It's a powerful lesson for kids to learn that they can help, too. Just in our neighborhood, kids are organizing parties and charity walks to raise awareness and funds, and our school is sending shoes this weekend to Sports Chalet (click here for details). Tune in on Friday night for a Haiti Relief concert on MTV organized by George Clooney but don't wait until the weekend to make your donation.

Here's how to give: KCRW has a full listing of all the organizations that they recommend, with a helpful description of each. Choose the one that touches your heart, and give generously. Our researchers tell us that The Red Cross is the best place to give, and we also always support Doctors Without Borders.

Text Your Donation: Since the devastation just a week ago, a record amount of money has been donated through text messaging. This technology was used by Europeans during the tsunami relief, but is just now being used in America. It's so simple, it's revolutionary for the world of giving! Simply text the words below to the numbers listed, and the charges go to your phone bill.
The Red Cross - Text "HAITI" to 90999 to donate $10Yéle Haiti - Text "Yele" to 501501 to donate $5 (Haitian Hip Hop star Wyclef Jean's charity)

Kids Off The Couch
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