Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Snow Dogs + Hitting the Slopes for a Day = Kids Off The Couch

Dog Days of Winter

No matter where you live, kids and snow go together like hands and gloves. Whether your kids are starting out with a pizza-pie wedge between their first skis or just biding their time until their next snowboarding trip to a serious mountain, getting some slope savvy at your local ski resort makes for a wonderful wintry weekend. There's not a kid in the world who needs much of a push to slide down a hill, so get yours ready to sled or ski or snowboard by watching Snow Dogs on the drive to the slopes. Ours love this improbable tale that stars Cuba Gooding, Jr. as a Miami dentist who travels to Alaska to collect his inheritance... which turns out to be a team of sled dogs! Click here for a list of other fun ski films -- we love the vintage James Bond ski sequences -- and a link to our chapter on tracking the Itidarod sled dog race (starting March 7) from your computer.