Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Water: Our Thirsty World + Donating to Water Charities = Kids Off The Couch

To commemorate Mother Earth on her birthday (April 22), we turn to one of the planet's most pressing issues - the availability of fresh water. The current National Geographic magazine, Water: Our Thirsty World, explores the social, religious and cultural uses of water around the globe, and demonstrates how diminishing water supplies affect communities, people and animals. Our kids are pretty good about basic earth-friendly practices but the disparity between the abundance of water in our lives and the shocking lack of clean water for many families around the world made our household conservation efforts feel like a drop in the bucket. How could we redouble our efforts to help others? With the help of the National Geographic website, we found fabulous charities deeply committed to helping those in need and set about trying to raise funds to make a difference. From organizing school fund-raising efforts to substituting a birthday gift with the gift of clean water for someone else, we are trying to incorporate an awareness of this pressing need into our daily lives. Now, that's something to think about in the shower. (Click here for more on the magazine and for our list of charities that specialize in water issues).