Wednesday, February 18, 2009

All The President's Men + Visiting Your Local Newspaper = Kids Off The Couch

Kids who expect a multitude of information to magically appear from their computers don't always understand the power of a free press. Watching All the President's Men as a family opened up a conversation about how reporters follow a story and tell the truth, which makes this movie newsworthy in our household. It was front page news all over the world when Richard Nixon became the first American president to resign and the film, which won four Oscars in 1976, is a thrilling look at how the investigative reporters at the Washington Post became political heroes. We had fun bringing the headlines home with a tour of our local paper's printing facility, where our kids watched robots load reams of paper on to four story-high printing presses and enjoyed a sneak peek of the weekend comics section four days before the Sunday paper landed on our doorsteps.

Click here for more about the movie, a link to Walter Isaacson's article in Time on How To Save Your Newspaper, and our tips on visiting your local paper.

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