Thursday, September 25, 2008

Life is a Highway: Cars + Automotive Museum = Kids Off The Couch

Instead of grumbling while you fill up your tank, why not rev up your engines by watching Pixar's family-friendly Cars? This animated tale about a race car named Lightning McQueen who pulls off the fast lane and learns to slow down in order to get where you need to be in life offers a full tank of humor, and nostalgia. Inspired by the adorable, personality-driven cars that race around for the sake of driving (forget this carpooling stuff!), we headed off to our local Car Museum and brought our kids face-to-face with relics of the road. We brought grandparents along on this adventure, who shared memories about driving the cars that are now preserved in the exhibit. It's hard for kids to imagine life without car seats or DVD players, and the very notion of a rumble seat blew their wheels off. We stood back and watched as Grandpa and Grandson bonded, and soon found ourselves in the mood for a road trip -- if only the price of gas would continue to tumble downwards! (Click here for a great kit to build a car at home and great places to visit car museums all over the USA!)

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Geezees Canvas Word and Photo Art said...

i LOVE LOVE LOVE your site, i am new to blogging, how do i bookmark it or join??
~ Stephanie

Sarah Bowman said...

Hi - Sarah speaking, and I write the website with Diane. If you join our newsletter, you'll receive new adventures weekly. *It's free!* And, then you can comment on what we're doing (and what you're doing with your family) here on our blog.

Keeg's Mom said...

Well, my blog is sort about kids ON the couch, as it's about movies and kids... finding unusual, old, foreign, cool stuff on DVD for them to watch, and avoiding the Disney/Pixar trap. (Nothing wrong with those, parents just sometimes find it hard to think outside those names!)

Having said that, I love how you tie in ideas with kids movies here, and reading this post made me get us all out of the house last Saturday and visit our own auto/transportation musuem which is really, really cool (it's called Owl's Head in Maine, if you're visiting). Thanks for the great idea!