Saturday, September 20, 2008

HOT TOPIC: Managing Your Kids Media Diets - Gossip Girl!

As our kids have grown up, so has their taste for trendy television shows. Although we can hardly believe it, our sweet little girls have started high school (gasp!) and want to be in on the latest chat around campus. For our girls, that means the "MIND-BLOWINGLY INAPPROPRIATE" Gossip Girl series, airing Monday night at 8 pm, just when they should be focusing on their homework.

For us, it means a weekly battle: should we let them watch a show that we think is loaded with poor role models, early sexuality, plenty of alcohol, parties and very little parenting. Put another way, should we let our daughters watch a show that is common cultural currency in their school community, recognizing that if we say no, they are likely to watch it anyway at a friend's house? Or, are we as parents better off and getting on the couch with them, so at least, we can act as a media filter and discuss what they're seeing on the screen?

Please tell us what you do in your home: An adamant NO? Or get on the couch with them? A free pass to watch? Want more information before you decide? Take a look at this article in Time Magazine that talks about the impact of titillating media on kids, that claims "The real problems arise when the media unanimously suggest that hotness is the only identity worth trying on.

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Anonymous said...

I let her watch it with me in the living room. Then at least I have some sort of reference to both the context and her reaction.

Love your site :)