Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Family Savvy - Using Our New Site!

As a subscriber to Kids Off the Couch, you'll also be subscribed to The Family Savvy, so please be sure your email provider recognizes our address:info@thefamilysavvy.com.

We encourage you to use the site as a family resource -- it's a great place to find new ideas, timely exhibits and show reviews, or discover a new place to explore. We will communicate with you once or twice a week, updating you on recent postings and articles online at The Family Savvy.

Here are some of the many features that you're going to enjoy at The Family Savvy:

This Month is our carefully curated list of the events that we think are key to each age-group this month, and is segmented into Elementary, Middle-School, Teens and Adults. We have some great ideas to help you celebrate The Year of the Dragon, and information about a free screening tomorrow of a film called City Lax about inner-city kids in Denver learning the sport of lacrosse.

Destinations is a list of what's going on for families at all the major cultural institutions around town, right now. You'll want to check out The Annenberg's fabulous new show, Digital Darkroom.

By Age is where you will find featured exhibits and events archived by ages. Here you'll find our review of one of last year's best films, Hugo. (And, we finally saw The Artist and think it is must-see, as well).

Extras are features that we hope you'll find interesting. We'll post ticket offers, introduce you to members of our community in the Subscriber Profile (parents like you who are dealing with life in LA and have professional or personal expertise that you'll find helpful), share articles we think are important from other major periodicals (look for Clip and Share), and cover general issues of interest to our community.

Finally, we have created a Blog which will both reflect on our point-of-view and share the views of other savvy parents and institutions around town.
Do stay in touch!

Questions? Write to me at:familysavvy@gmail.com

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