Thursday, January 29, 2009

Mrs Doubtfire + Comedy Club For Kids = Kids Off The Couch

A Stand Up Guy
Our kids were schooled on Mary Poppins as the practically-perfect nanny, and have suffered through many a quirky babysitter over their tender years. But nothing prepared them for the hilarity of Robin Williams posing as a prim Scottish nanny in Mrs. Doubtfire. Our kids wanted to know everything about Williams, right back to his origins as Mork from Mork and Mindy and his first appearance on Happy Days. We wanted to give them a sense of how Robin Williams got his start, so treated them to a day at a Kids Comedy Club. Our city's version features young performers doing improv sketches, and our children loved watching kids their own ages showing off their material. Like the real deal, not every joke hit, but our fans didn't care -- they were eager audience participants, and on the way home, starting trying out their own jokes on the most forgiving of audiences, mom and dad. Knock, Knock! (Click here for kid's comedy venue near you.)

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