Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Get Caught Reading This Summer; The Spiderwick Chronicles PLUS Our Great Summer Kid Lit Picks!

This year's news focus on greening the planet got us thinking about how to get kids involved with the environment this summer. Our Kids Off The Couch guru of kid-lit, Lucy Rafael, had a great suggestion: visit your local library! With shelves stocked full children's selections, it's easy to save trees by checking out books that are shared among many readers. Back by popular demand, this edition also features Lucy's List of Great Summer Reads (scroll down a little bit on the page) including selections from painterly picture books to middle school page turners. Want more? Scroll down to Lucy's tips, honed from years of experience as both a librarian and mother, on how to encourage even the most reluctant of kids to read. To give our kids a bit of literary inspiration, we screened The Spiderwick Chronicles, a story about a boy who discovers a dusty old book filled with secrets that unlock a fantastical world of fairies and ogres. Although this movie is not for the very young, Lucy's list boasts books for everyone in the family!

Visit the official Kids Off The Couch Website for more information and some super valuable tips; Why It's Worth It, Red Flags, Further Viewing, Conversation Starters, What Worked, Before You Go and more!!!

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